Age Verification

We sell to adults only!
All orders on this web site are subject to age verification.

The reason for age verification

Lynn Cigars sells premium cigars to adults only. We must protect children from access to online age restricted merchandise and, at the same time, verify that you are really the person you say you are. In the U.S. you must be at least 18 years old or 19 for residents of Alaska, Alabama, New Jersey, New York, or Utah. All you need to do is provide your date of birth and follow the prompts during the order process.

How are we doing it

Veratad ID Match+Plus is a service designed to verify our customers are of legal age. Their data processors compare your information with multiple sources publicly available on-line and match it with information gathered from billions of records. This is all done while completely securing your private information and getting the results in an instant.

What happens if we can’t verify

In the rare event when we are unable to verify your information, our customer service department will call you to request additional information to verify your age. International customers would be subject to the same procedure.

Absolute Security

All the data we gather is encrypted and secured by the latest technology and it is not stored on our computers or Veratad’s. We do not keep any other sensitive part of your info on our files. We maintain the highest integrity in protecting you from any exposure and we do not share our info with anyone.